The rapid release of Rap projects has a least one journalist thinking that there’s too much music being released.

“We get caught up in the hype and mediocrity gets disguised as good music just because it’s constant,” Bella Jay writes in Green Label’s “Why I Haven’t Had A Great Year As A Hip-Hop Fan.” “Hip-hop, as a whole, gets diluted via oversaturation and the smaller artists, tangled in the fray, are often forgotten about altogether.”

She points to the the volume of material being released as problematic.

“Not counting mixtapes, there has been at least one major rap album released every week, excluding one, since the beginning of September (we were gifted with Dave East’s mixtape and Bryson Tiller’s album that week, though),” the Green Label story says. “Rather than giving hip-hop heads sufficient time to absorb every bar and thoroughly dissect an album beyond a sonically pleasing surface, artists and labels are forcing us to settle for a few listens before moving on to the next project. I don’t even have time to memorize complete verses and quote an album in Instagram captions anymore, and it saddens me.”

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