Redman, Keith Murray and Erick Sermon appeared together as the Def Squad in a cypher for the BET Hip Hop Awards in October. The rappers, along with EPMD‘s Parrish Smith, Das EFX and K-Solo, were members of the Hit Squad in the 1990s. When EPMD broke up, Erick Sermon created the Def Squad collective with Redman and Murray.

Redman was asked by XXL about the possibility of the Hit Squad coming back together.

“I don’t know about that,” the Mudface rapper says. “Def Squad, maybe, yes. Before the BET Cypher we talked about it and we all brothers you know, a small unit. It was always us three, so it ain’t hard for us to come and do an album, but you know we needed that cypher that kind of gave us some gas and everybody was surprised about the cypher. I mean, we just didn’t get to the cypher and get nice. We’ve been nice. I would say people weren’t tuned in, so you know, doing an EP we were thinking about doing that, just going oversees and drop that EP because it’s all about branding and creating that awareness and driving traffic, so you’ll probably have to look for the EP.”

Redman also shares an update on his forthcoming movie, How High 2, a sequel to his 2001 film with Method Man.

How High 2 is not going to drop until at least 2017,” he says. “The writers are still writing the script. Just looking at it timewise and being realistic about it – by the time we shoot it, get it edited, color corrected, that’s going to be a year or so, so yeah about 2017.”

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