A 10-second phone call with his wife landed Kutt Calhoun in jail.

The Kansas City rapper was arrested while driving to Oregon City, Oregon Sunday (November 15). He was set to perform there as part of his “The Own My Own Tour,” but took a phone call from his wife after driving through the mountains for four hours. 

A few seconds after answering the phone, Kutt Calhoun says that a police officer driving the other way turned around and pulled him over for talking on the phone while driving, which is illegal in the state of Oregon. After the officer ran his information, Kutt Calhoun was arrested because he had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court while on probation.

Once he was incarcerated, the Missouri rapper was told he couldn’t bond out because his home state thought he was in the city of Oregon, Missouri, which is 80 miles northwest of Kansas City. 

“My heart fell to my feet, man,” Kutt Calhoun says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “I didn’t get the letter or I would have been there. I said a prayer, like, ‘It ain’t up to me no more. It’s in God’s hands, man.’ You know everything happens for a reason. Then one of the guards is like, ‘Hey, the judge said $25,000 was your bond, but you can get out with twenty-five hundred.’”

Kutt then informed his wife of the news and he was released from custody after they provided the money. 

The two shows Kutt missed Sunday and yesterday (November 16) will be rescheduled and he is set to perform, as scheduled, today (November 17) at the Jet Bar in Mill Creek, Washington at 8 pm PST. 

Kutt Caloun’s “The Own My Own Tour” Remains On Schedule

“I’ll be at every show for the rest of this tour,” Kutt Calhoun says. “I want the fans, all the promoters and venues to know that this is a fluke. We’re back on.”

Kutt Calhoun says that he learned from the experience and will adjust his routine before embarking upon his next tour.

“Before I leave, I’m going to make sure all my responsibilities outside of my house are taking care of before I get on the road,” he says. “This is a note to anybody: what happened to me could have happened to anybody. I look at it as a sign. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe it was something that was going to happen while we were on the road heading to Oregon City, or once we got there, something bad could have happened. This is an obstacle we had to go through so we didn’t have to go through anything foul or fucked up.”

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