Kutt Calhoun recently sat down with Chuck Dizzle of Home Grown Radio and discussed why he decided to break away from his former label, Strange Music, late last year to start his own company, Black Gold Entertainment.

“I decided to get out and go ahead and do my own thing,” Kutt Calhoun says.” I started my own label and do what I do best and do what I know how to do best and look out for my well being better than anybody else can.”

“There was differences felt. There was unspoken differences,” Kutt adds. “Aside from that I just felt like from me doing my previous stuff solo, stuff since like 2012, I felt like I can get out there and I’ll be able to handle my situation by myself and still be doing good.

“It was just time for me to fly on my own,” he continues and assures that there’s no bad blood between himself and former label mate, Tech N9ne.

The “Red Rags” rapper also explains why he chose to name his company Black Gold Entertainment, stating that it was a spin off from his 2013 album, Black Gold. “Black Gold. Everybody knows what that is. That’s one of the world’s richest resources, oil,” Kutt says.

“That’s the most sought after thing in the planet,” he says, “Wars get started over it.

“What would be a better name than a metaphor to have a company that stands for the most sought-out thing in the world?” he continues.

When it came to starting Black Gold Entertainment, Kutt Calhoun acknowledges that it hasn’t be easy. However, his new project, Kuttin Loose EP, will formulate the blueprint for the new label.

The Kuttin Loose EP, features unknown producers and will be the start of a new sound for the rapper. Once the EP drops, he has plans of creating a team of producers for Black Gold Entertainment.

“From there I’ll go ahead formulate a producer team or do what I do what I need to do necessary in order to get certain producers around me to make the type of music that fits the Kutt Calhoun brand,” he says.

The Raw and Un-Kutt rapper didn’t always don the name Kutt Calhoun. “When I first ran into that man [Tech N9ne] it was Cutt Dawg because I was driving an old school ’71-’72 Cutlass Supreme and people was calling me Cutt Dawg,” he says.

“As I started progressing and the shit was getting serious, I was like okay, you got a Short Dawg, a Snoop Dogg, a Tim Dog, all these dogs,” he continues, “So I went with Kutt Calhoun because not only is it the initials of my hometown but it just flew.”

Kuttin Loose EP is set be in stores Friday, July 10 and is currently available for pre-order.

Watch the full interview with Kutt Calhoun on Home Grown Radio below.

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