Following the release of his anti-police brutality record “Handz Up (Shut Shit Down),” Kansas City, Missouri rapper Kutt Calhoun took time to speak on the song in a video uploaded to his YouTube account. He described “Handz Up (Shut Shit Down)” as being “bigger than me” and dubbed it “the most controversial song” he’s ever written.

The former Strange Music rapper also revealed that a lot of artists would have shied away from releasing a first single as political as “Handz Up (Shut Shit Down).”

“This is bigger than me,” Kutt Calhoun said. “This is bigger than anything I’ve ever done. The most controversial song I’ve made to date…This song is real near and dear to my heart as well because of what it stands for. The message in it…I haven’t really gotten any negative responses. It’s just so relevant with what’s going on today. I’m a strong believer in anti-police brutality and killings. It couldn’t have been a better song that’s out right now amongst the public. A lot of people are sketchy. A lot of people don’t wanna do something so serious and political as a first single.”

In his video, Kutt Calhoun also offered his condolences to the families who have lost loved ones to police brutality. And he again clarified that “Handz Up (Shut Shit Down)” is bigger than both himself and rap as a whole.

“My condolences to all the families out there who lost someone to police brutality,” he said. “Whether it was Black, White, Mexican, Asian, Native American. Whatever you are, if you lost anybody to police brutality especially in a wrongful manner then I send out my condolences to you. RIP to all the fallen people who’ve been killed behind this mess. I just wanna say again that this song is bigger than me and it’s bigger than just rap.”

“Handz Up (Shut Shit Down)” is featured on Kutt Calhoun’s Kuttin Loose EP, which is scheduled for release on July 10.

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