Before officially signing with Def Jam Records in 2013, Gaithersburg, Maryland rapper Logic revealed that he was approached by a number of labels offering millions. While appearing on Ebro In The Morning this week, Logic explained that although he was being offered millions to sign, “the contracts weren’t right.”

He also recalled a piece of advice his friend/manager offered in regards to not jumping on any deals solely because of the money being offered.

“There was millions of dollars that knocked at my door,” Logic said. “People who wanted me to sign with them before Def Jam. But the contracts weren’t right. It was like you wouldn’t have creative control or you wouldn’t have this, you wouldn’t have that. And these were from majors, independents, from this, from that. And I was dirt broke. Like hungry, sleeping on my homies’ couch. So, I waited and I was patient. And Chris, my manager…he was like ‘Look, man. Money will come. Never do it for the money. The money will come.’ And it did. And it came in the form of an incredible contract that my lawyer…hooked up for me.”

Later in the interview, Logic spoke on where his positive demeanor originates from. According to the musician, there was no one to offer encouragement, so he provided it for himself.

“All the negative experiences that I might have gone through or whatever the case may be, built a much more positive person,” he said. “Cause that’s why I’m so positive all the time. I like to tell people like—I’ll go on Twitter and I’ll say my whole motto which is peace, love, and positivity. Follow your dreams. Do what you love in life. Whatever that might be. And I’ve been saying it for years. And it started with me telling myself cause nobody else was telling me. Nobody was telling me to follow my dreams or that I could do it or that I could be somebody.”