As part of a feature story for Complex, Gaithersburg, Maryland rapper Logic revealed that his music has been inspired by the likes of J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye West. He also addressed those who have criticized him for drawing inspiration from the artists he looks up to.

The lyricist went on to explain that sounding similar to the artists just mentioned is in a way a compliment.

“I’ve been so inspired by others from Kendrick to Drake to Cole to Kanye to everybody in a great way,” Logic said. “Like, ‘Oh he did this, I wanna try something like this.’ There’s less and less [of that]. It’s still there, I’m not ashamed, I never will be, and I don’t think you should be. Those same people who be like you sound like whoever—Kendrick, Cole, Kanye, Drake—Yes! If you say that reminds [you] of that, I did my job because this person is so incredible and I could stir up a similar feeling. You go to any other artists, the biggest pop stars, and they take from here and there. It’s like, why should I try to explain [myself]? It doesn’t matter. Fuck all that shit.”

Logic also spoke on his debut album, Under Pressure, and the lukewarm reception the project got from what he refers to as “the cook kids” in Hip Hop.

“[Under Pressure] was received very well by a lot of people, but I think the cool kids circle in hip-hop, the blogs, didn’t receive me well, and I don’t know why,” he said. “With my first album, I was so worried about the hip-hop community and if I’d be accepted. Certain people in the hip-hop community just didn’t fuck with it. It kind of bothered me for a while, I was like ‘Man, this sucks.’”

Lastly, Logic offered some insight into his second studio album, which is currently titled The Incredible True Story. A conceptual album with a sci-fi plot, the album’s plot will reportedly take place on a planet called Paradise.

“Paradise is a planet I created,” Logic said. “It’s like they won’t accept me, this Earth is fucked up, so I’m gonna create my own planet, and people who are like-minded can come here. If you don’t like me, you can still come to this planet and tell me why you don’t like me as long as you don’t discredit me.”

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