As an artist who grew up without his father in his life, Gaithersburg, Maryland rapper Logic spoke on what Father’s Day means to him. While speaking with MTV News, the musician revealed that he “never had a dad,” and also called Father’s Day “just another day” for him.

“I never had a dad,” Logic said. “It’s just another day of the week. It’s very simple. That might sound kind of f–ked up, but it’s just another day of the week for me.”

Despite his absentee father and a mother who dealt with addiction, Logic says he now understands that his job is to help others, and explained that he can do so through his music. He also spoke on being able to one day celebrate Father’s Day as a father himself.

“I didn’t get it, but now I do,” he said. “I write about it. It’s my job to help others…When I think about Father’s Day or birthdays or Christmas, or all the things that I never had, I think about my fiancée. I think about my friends. I think about the kids that I will have and what Father’s Day will mean for me or what these things are going to mean to me. That’s what I think about.”

Video of Logic and both his parents speaking with MTV News can be found below.

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