With his Top 5 Dead Or Alive album out in a matter of days, Yonkers, New York rapper Jadakiss appeared on Headcrack’s Hip Hop Spot to speak on a variety of topics. At one point in the conversation, he detailed what it was like being in the studio with the late Notorious B.I.G.

After being asked if there was much pressure being in the studio with Biggie, Jada revealed that studio sessions with the Brooklyn, New York lyricist were more like parties.

“It was good pressure,” Jadakiss said. “If you knew Big, he made the session. All his sessions was parties, for one. His session is like a straight party. So, you gotta go through the party part of it first. That usually calms your nerves though. You’re doing all kinds of things in there that calm your nerves. And then absorbing the beat. He make you feel good about going in there and laying, recording your verse. So, it’s good pressure…Big didn’t have you feeling like you was on eggshells when you do a song with him. He give you that extra battery in your back to complete the mission. Good people, good energy.”

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Prior to speaking on his studio sessions with Biggie, Jadakiss recalled how his signature laugh came about. According to the rapper, the laugh came about as he was clearing his nose and throat before stepping into the booth.

“It happened in the studio in the booth. I was doing a feature for somebody,” he said. “And sometimes right before I’m about to lay the verse either my nose is stuffed, clogged or my throat is clogged up. So, I would usually scream or do some type of tension breaker right before you’re about to go into the verse. And I just did that sound, laugh, or whatever you wanna call it one time. The engineer kept it and he sent it back on the beginning of the—before the verse and the people liked it…It just stuck with me.”

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