Days after University Of Missouri president, Timothy M. Wolfe resigned following protests from the school’s football team and other students over racial issues at the school, Atlanta, Georgia rapper Jeezy was asked to share his thoughts on the matter.

During an interview on ESPN’s “First Take” this week, Jeezy shared his belief that the University Of Missouri football players who threatened to boycott “led by perfect example.” Although the rapper gave credit to the student athletes, he also commended the school’s now former president for being “a bigger man.”

“I think they led by perfect example,” Jeezy said. “Obviously, football is a big deal there. So, for them to band together and even decide to do that, I think it shows excellent leadership, if you ask me. That’s a big deal. Especially for the school. And for him to step down, it definitely showed that he was a bigger man and he took notice. Cause obviously it was gonna cause a problem. You got students and people paying for their kids to go to college. You got these racial issues going on. And you got a president that’s letting ‘em happen. At the same time, for him to step down I think it was the right thing to do…Sometimes just as an athlete or entertainer sometimes you don’t actually understand the power that you have until the situation presents itself.”

Jeezy was later asked to provide some insight into his new album, Church In These Streets. He explained that the album is true to its name, comparing it to a person going to church and being able to relate directly to what the preacher is saying.

Church In These Streets was basically—you know, my grandmother raised me to be Baptist,” he said. “Go to church, Sunday school. Had the Easter speech, everything. But that’s the only thing that really kept me balanced. As a human being. As a man. As a person. As a father. And I just think sometimes we forget that. So, when you go to church and it feels like the preacher is talking to you, maybe he is. It’s like when you come to my shows and I’m talking, you see the expression on these people’s face. It’s not just a rap concert…They’re here to hear how you feel about certain situations. And then when you tell ‘em that, you can walk off the stage and have somebody say ‘Hey, you changed my life.’ So, to me it’s like a small church.”

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