Jay Z, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne are the three artists portrayed in the music video to Atlanta, Georgia rapper J. Monty’s record, “100 Bars, Pt. 3.” On the song, the musician speaks on Lucifer being a gifted musician, and later beginning to think that he could become God.

In the music video, as J. Monty raps along to the song, three men wearing Jay Z, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne masks can be seen in the background.

On “100 Bars, Pt. 3,” J. Monty raps: “I got some trueness to tell / Let’s take it back to where Lucifer fell / He was the most beautiful angel / His body was home to where music [dwelled] / It was music that made him so beautiful / Spitting out bars like his tooth was in jail / Then he started thinking that he could be God / That’s where he was rebuked and expelled.”

While speaking exclusively with Rapzilla, J. Monty broke down the music video. He revealed why he chose to incorporate the Jay Z, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne masks.

According to the rapper, all three of the artists mentioned have in some manner “tried to liken themselves to God.” He explained that such a comparison “can be very dangerous.”

“I started the idea to build these masks to represent or to give a message about artists who have, in their pride, tried to liken themselves to God or to a god,” J. Monty said. “I think that’s a very dangerous concept, simply because we’ve seen in it scripture before. The person who embodied that concept is the number one enemy of the kingdom of God, and his number one sin was trying to be like God, trying to become God in Heaven, trying to take God’s place. And because of his pride and rebellion, he got kicked out of Heaven.”

The music video to J. Monty’s “100 Bars, Pt. 3” can be found below.