Sirius Radio’s “The All Out Show” co-host, Rude Jude Angelini released his autobiographical book Hyena last year and on its anniversary he released the audiobook version exclusively on so people can hear the anecdotes how they’re supposed to be heard.

Recently speaking with HipHopDX’s Editor-in-Cheif Justin Hunte, Angelini explains why the tedious process of spreading awareness of the audiobook isn’t enough and why it makes for the best problem he currently has.

“I hate selling books,” he said during the DX Daily segment on Friday (October 23). “I hate having to wait. I just want to wake up and not do shit this morning but I got to wake up and come over here. But it’s a good problem. It’s a good problem that one, you want to talk to me and two, I got something to fucking slang. That is a good problem. So that’s my best problem but I’ll be happy when I don’t have to sell this book.”

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Rude Jude also details his appreciation of his co-host Lord Sears’ extensive knowledge of music and why he feels he needs his own show.

“I feel like he should have his own show on like the old soul channel or some shit like that,” Jude says. “He has a good ear and he just knows like…he’s like a 40-year old guy from Harlem dog. He just like knows all the disco, he knows all that old soul. His mom grew up with it in the fucking crib. The same way I grew up with Crosby, Stills & Nash, and fucking Bob Marley and Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles in the house and the fucking Talking Heads, he grew up with like The Jacksons, Sylvia Striplin and all that shit in his house. I think that’s under utilized on our show but the problem is that’s not our platform.”

Watch the full DX Daily segment below.