According to Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, his early love for comic books played a vital role in his career in music. While appearing at New York Comic-Con this month, DMC spoke with Gamer’s Life on how comic books helped him “become the king of rock” as a member of the iconic rap group, Run DMC.

He explained that he was a fan of comic books long before Hip Hop came over the bridge, and added that they gave him confidence when he did become an emcee.

“I was never ashamed of goodness and creativity and imagination and fun,” DMC said. “So, before Hip Hop came over the bridge to change my life…I was a little kid. My whole world was comic books. And when Hip Hop came over the bridge, it was like comic books came to life. And I was able to succeed and become the king of rock because comic books gave me confidence. It gave me the enjoyment of creativity and imagination and stuff like that. So, it was totally linked to me.”

DMC revealed that he was initially hesitant about releasing his own comic book because of his celebrity. He says two friends ultimately convinced him when they suggested that he release the comic book as a comic book lover and not as DMC the celebrity.

“After 30 some-odd years in the music business, my two friends came to me and was like ‘Yo DMC, we didn’t know you was a real comic book head. You should do a comic book,’” he said. “At first I didn’t want to do it. Because I didn’t just want to be another rapper—cause I had a hit record, trying to do some other business and stuff like that. And they was like ‘Yo, don’t do it as DMC the celebrity. Do it as little Darryl McDaniels, the guy that loved comic books.’ And it’s important to me that I could use this medium. Everything I did with my music is what I want to do with the comic book. And I think since it’s done with integrity, the comic book is gonna work because comic books was my first creative outlet, which allowed me to be successful in Hip Hop.”

DMC’s interview with Gamer’s Life can be found below.

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