Over the past few years, many Hip Hop acts have made their way into the literary world. In late 2010, Jay-Z released “Decoded” with help from Hip Hop journalist dream hampton and last year, Atlanta rapper T.I. released his second book, “Trouble & Triumph.”

Now, Hip Hop pioneer Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of Run DMC fame is also hoping to try his luck in the book world. Earlier this week, the rapper announced that he would soon be releasing an indie, Hip Hop comic book.

DMC will serve as independent publisher of the 48-page graphic novel, titled “DMC,” while art director Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez and music executive Riggs Morales will assist in the comic books creation as editors.

The Run DMC emcee plans on self-funding the project and has already created a Kickstarter page for those wishing to support the creation of “DMC.” The rapper’s goal currently stands at $100,000.

“It gives us an opportunity to be the first hip-hop comic book publisher and be completely funded by the fans whose reward is this actual historic book,” said Rodriguez.

Other talent to be brought on board for DMC’s newly-announced project includes Damion Scott, Dexter Vines, and writer Ronald Wimberly.

“DMC” is expected to be released this fall and will feature DMC as a crime-fighting superhero in the ’80s.

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