During a newly-released interview with Clique, Houston, Texas rapper Travi$ Scott revealed that he doesn’t consider himself a Hip Hop artist. The musician shared his thoughts on the matter while addressing artists like Young Thug, Kid Cudi, Kurt Cobain, and other artists he feels are capable of tapping into other genres of music.

He later spoke on his passion for production, after stating that it’s his “favorite thing in music,” and also serves as what motivates him.

“I don’t consider myself Hip Hop,” Travi$ Scott said. “I don’t want you to put me up next to niggas cause some of them niggas are just like, straight corny…I think with production I pay very close attention. Cause that’s my favorite thing in music. That’s the whole drive. That’s the reason. So, I gotta just make sure I have that ill shit niggas just can’t get. Niggas just can’t be playing they beats and have the same producer that sound like a Travi$ Scott song. I just don’t fuck with that.”

With his Rodeo album now available, Scott offered his thoughts on his debut. He revealed that the project serves as a blueprint for kids who want to be where he is today.

The Texas wordsmith later spoke on the ability to help people through his music. He even shared his belief that that was the reason why God put him here.

“I made the album kinda like—It was kinda like what I was feeling when I was trying to get to this point right now. To be sitting in this chair. And then it’s kinda like a blueprint for kids who wanna do the same. It’s like the inner-child-beast-man,” he said when asked what he wants to control with his album. “It’s kinda like the person that might be misunderstood. Might be mistook as an asshole. Taken as a mean person, a rude person. But it’s really just super-energized. I’m just here for good times, man. I want people to have the best time ever. Especially if they’re around me. I feel like God put me here to help out with people’s soul, man.”

Travi$ Scott’s interview with Clique can be found below.

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