Turk recently spoke with DJ Smallz to discusses changes he’d like to see introduced to the modern-day prison system throughout the United States.

The New Orleans, Louisiana rapper—who spent over eight years behind bars from April 2004 to October 2012 for second degree attempted murder—says that the financial gains of having people in prison is part of the larger problem.

“Man, them locking up people for anything and holding them in there for all these years when they knowing that it’s a petty charge or this person innocent,” Turk says when asked what changes he’d like to see introduced. “You know this person ain’t do it but you gon’ build a case by holding them in there all this time and by the time you done had them in there you come with a plea bargain and you done broke them. Some people got weak minds. They’ll break and they’ll cop out for something they didn’t do. There’s a lot of people in there like that. You gotta think, prison is a big corporation. There’s a lot of people invested in there, a lot of private owners. So each inmate that they holding every day, they getting bread from that, they getting a couple hundred from every inmate [and] that’s why it’s so overpopulated.”

Turk’s interview with DJ Smallz can be viewed below:

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