Bryson Tiller released his TRAPSOUL album this past Friday (October 2).

In light of the project’s release, Tiller has annotated various songs off the album for Genius.

On the song “Ten Nine Fourteen,” the Louisville, Kentucky artist recalls receiving a phone call from Timbaland, an event that later changed his life and career.

“Never forget that phone call I got from Timbo and Richie,” Tiller raps on the track.

“Rich is one of my really good friends who actually introduced me to Timbaland in New York like two years ago,” Tiller says of the lyric’s meaning. “I was in the room and Timbaland played some exclusive tracks from Jay Z’s Magna Carta and Beyonce’s surprise album. So I got to hear stuff before a lot of people did. That was crazy, I was like, ‘Yo this is possible.’ So, I was sitting in the movie theater, I forget which movie it was and Rich called me on the phone and was like, ‘Yo, Timbo wants to holla at you.’ Tim was like, ‘Yo I like that song ‘Don’t,’ can you send it to me? What’s your email?’ He told me to come to Miami so we can work, he told me to quit my job. The rest is history.”

Elsewhere on the same song, Tiller raps about receiving a pair of OVO 12s from Drake.

“Then shit really got crazy when, got the kicks from Drizzy / Well, the recognition from Drizzy alone,” he raps.

“Drake gave me the OVO 12s, very few people have those,” Tiller says in response to the aforementioned lyric. “40 invited me to the crib and I didn’t even think Drake would be there. It was around the Coachella time earlier this year and I figured he was working. I was like, I’m cool, I want to talk to 40, hoping he would give me some insight on the music industry. We were talking and next thing you know Drake walks in and I’m like, ‘Oh shit, that’s Drake.’ He was like, ‘Wassup man, blah, blah, blah’ telling some story about Jordans. Then he was like, ‘What size are you?’ I said, ‘10.’ He was like, ‘Let me see what I got in my vault.’ He came back in with like four boxes and he gave me one.”

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