It’s been almost over a year since G-Eazy released his 2014 debut studio album, These Things Happen, and while working on his forthcoming album, When It’s Dark Out, the Bay Area rapper speaks with HotNewHipHop about creating his sophomore project.

“I feel like the sophomore album is one of the more treacherous obstacles for any rapper,” says the RCA Records artist. “You got your whole life to make the first one. No pressure. No one’s waiting. No one’s expecting. Then all of sudden everything pops off and you’re on the road constantly and where’s the second album? You got to finish it. Instead of letting that psych me out or whatever, that just inspired me to work harder and not under do it. We did that just being in the studio.”

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While awaiting for G-Eazy’s sophomore effort, fans were able to catch him on a few features and remixes this year, including Pell’s “Got It Like That” and Carnage’s “I Like Tuh.”

The rapper then explains the long process that went into creating When It’s Dark Out.

“I wanted to dig as deep as I could and tell every single story I had in me and just go until I was literally drained of inspiration,” the “I Mean It” rapper says, “to pour my heart out and give my all to this album and have all the right pieces in place. It’s a body of work. It’s got to be cohesive. You got to tell your stories, you got to have your turn up, your talk shit, your introspective and just put it all out there and that’s what we did.”

The full HotNewHipHop interview with G-Eazy is as follows.

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