Yung Gleesh would like to clear his name regarding sexual assault charges he received in May. An affidavit said that he forcibly had sex with a woman who was intoxicated and had passed out. Her friend reportedly walked onto the scene and forced the rapper off of the victim.

“On the affidavit, they say that I had sexually assaulted an unconscious girl and there was a girl and her friend and them walked in,” he says to VladTV. “The unconscious girl was her friend. The girl who let me have sex with was wide awoke, man. Everything was crazy. The girl who was right there on the bed was asleep, the unconscious girl. I wasn’t even, had nothing to do with that. She woke up to her friend asleep.”

The Gucci Mane and Chief Keef collaborator reasserts that he would not harm a woman like the charges suggest. He says that the circumstances surrounding the events helped create a worse picture than what really happened.

“In the most racist state in America, Texas, Mississippi, not even supposed to look at White girls and shit down there,” he says. “That shit woulda been on my record before if I had a history of that shit. Nigga don’t even live like that.”

The independent rapper says that these allegations have tremendously hurt his career. He says that the reports came at the top of his journey, when he had multiple shows at SXSW.

“It fucked me over,” Yung Gleesh says. “That shit took a big blow to a nigga, man. Where I come from, I’m independent. I had to work. I do my own independent tour, three four of my independent tour. It was my own shit, no label, no White man, no putting money up. I booked my own shows. I had to build myself up to that point. It’s fucked up that two White people say one thing about a Black man and then this whole shit. They gone on with they life and I gotta deal with this shit for the rest of my life, my kids, my family. That shit’s bigger than me.”

He says that the legal process is ongoing. Yung Gleesh expresses disappointment in the media coverage of his case and says it will make his defense much harder.

“We gotta deal with the U.S. system and the government, the court system,” he says. “That shit goes as far as how the media perceives me to be, how the media perceives me to look. If I look like a monster, then I might have a bad time with this.”