Washington, D.C. rapper Yung Gleesh, who performed numerous shows during SXSW recently, has been charged with sexually assaulting a woman, according to reports on kxan.

Citing the arrest affidavit, the publication says that Yung Gleesh, given name Asa Asuncion, has not yet been arrested.

kxan says that Austin Police met the victim of the assault at St. David’s Hospital on the morning of March 20. The women recalled going out with a friend the night before and then later ending up at another friend’s house in North Central Austin. The victim admitted to passing out around 2:30 am due to being intoxicated.

The victim’s friend said that Yung Gleesh and his entourage arrived at the house an hour later. Witnesses also said that the rapper was a friend of one of the men who lived at the residence.

The publication continues by saying that at around 6:00 am, the victim’s friend woke up and found Yung Gleesh on top of the victim and they were both largely unclothed. After pulling the rapper off her friend, a verbal altercation broke out.

By the time the police had arrived, Gleesh had left the scene however his manager was still present. He told officers that the rapper was scheduled to drive to Dallas, Texas for a show and then fly back to Washington, D.C.

Yung Gleesh reportedly later canceled the show in Dallas.

(March 24, 2015)

UPDATE: The affidavit detailing the charges facing Yung Gleesh has been released, according to The Fader.