In the latest episode of Noisey’s “The People Vs.” series, 50 Cent replied to a string of comments that have been posted to his “Candy Shop” music video on YouTube.

“50 is the last realest rapper out there… young bitch and bitch homie Quan etc are the End or rap,” one comment read, referring to Atlanta-based artists Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan.

“That one doesn’t require comments,” 50 Cent replied.

Another individual said: “I’m offended that theres no white people in this video.”

To which 50 replied: “White people are everywhere, everywhere in the world, every movie [and] every now and then, you can watch a music video that doesn’t have a white person in it, ok? Ok.”

Continuing on from the aforementioned comment, 50 says: “This shows you [that] no matter what the fuck you do, you never gonna make everyone happy. There’s always gonna be something to be upset about. ‘Oh you know what? I don’t see my sister.’ Shut the fuck up. The fuck is going on?”

Elsewhere, a YouTube user by the name of wave broadband commented: “Is the lollypop the dick,” referring to the “lollipop” lyric that 50 raps on the song’s chorus.

“I think you got it. Woah, you made it,” 50 Cent replied, later adding: “I kinda like to take credit for the theme of penis and the candy type thing. You know like, lollipops. Everybody likes lollipops. It’s exciting if she likes lollipops.”

50 Cent’s episode of “The People Vs.” can be viewed below:

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