Scarface says that he was supposed to appear on Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks.”

“I think I got tied up,” Scarface says to VladTV of not doing his verse on the hit song. “Jay Z always bring that shit to my attention every fucking time. ‘Man, you was supposed to be on the “Jesus Walks,” man. We set that up for you.'”

Scarface says the song was being recorded around the time West was filming the video for “Through the Wire,” in which Scarface appears.

“That’s when I was supposed to lay it,” he says. “That day and something else came up. I was working at Def Jam and something else had came up.”

Scarface served as president of Def Jam South at the time. West released The College Dropout, the album on which “Jesus Walks” appears, in 2004 through Jay Z’s Roc-A-Fella Records, which was partially owned by Def Jam.

“Ain’t gonna be no problems clearing shit,” the Houston rapper-producer says. “I just didn’t get it done.”

Scarface also details stepping back from the spotlight around this time when he saw Jay Z, Kanye West and others starting to gain popularity.

“Everybody was making the curve to go be something really, really big,” he says. “I kinda saw the curve coming. And I stepped back. ‘Cause I was afraid of my, I don’t wanna be, I just wanna be normal.”

Scarface says that he didn’t want to be tainted.

“I was afraid of my own success,” he says. “I didn’t want that shit. I look at what success does to people and I kinda strayed away from it.”

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