Los Angeles, CA

Scarface stopped through #DXHQ this past week to shed some light on what fans can expect from him over the coming years.

During the conversation with DX’s Editor-in-Chief Justin Hunte, the Houston rapper spoke on wanting to offer more to the world than just his music. He says that he wants to be responsible for spotlighting issues in the community and subsequently using his voice to help bring about change in society.

“Just know that, at the end of the day, the legacy that I leave behind will be argued by my peers,” Scarface says during the interview, which premiered in this past Friday’s DX Daily (September 4). “Let my peers argue and debate my legacy, at the end of the day. I wanna just be the one that brought something to the table. I wanna bring something to the table besides ass. You know how you look at a woman like, ‘Yeah, baby, you cute as fuck but what do you have besides ass?’ Like, bring something else to the table besides ass. So I wanna bring something to the table besides the Rap.

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“I wanna make them change some laws, man,” ‘Face continues. “I wanna make them govern us different. I wanna make them police us different. This [is] the thing I learned from James [Prince, Rap-A-Lot Records founder and CEO] growing up: any time there was a mistreatment of anyone in the community, he would put the spotlight on that shit. It’s time for us to start doing that shit again as it happens, spotlight that shit, and that’s what I wanna be responsible for in my late career. Like, put the spotlight on shit that’s not supposed to be. If you coming into my community, man, and you policing me and you kicking my ass at the same time, then we need to stop you from coming in our community, bro.”

Scarface’s Deeply Rooted album was released this past Friday (September 4) and is currently available for streaming. The project acts as ‘Face’s first album since 2008’s Emeritus.

Scarface’s interview with HipHopDX can be viewed below: