Slim Thug released his Roll Like a Boss on Apple’s game on app store last month. A friend of the Houston rapper’s came to him with the idea and he ran with it.

“You’re usually playing sports or it’s a fighting thing going on, but this one here is based on what a lot of men do,” Slim Thug says in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “We try to pick up girls and get to drive around in nice cars, so it’s something different and fun to do.”

In Roll Like a Boss, players collect points by picking up girls and dodging haters and obstacles. It is a tap-action game that Slim Thug likens to Temple Run with vintage arcade-style graphics.

“We wanted to keep it old school,” he says. “We didn’t want to make it nothing too crazy.”

Slim Thug was especially excited to feature his hometown on the game alongside New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Miami.

“That is something I made sure was added to the game,” he says. “I feel like with games, it’s usually based out of main markets New York, LA, but a city like Houston never really is featured on the game, so that’s something special for my city.”

He hopes to add Dallas and other Texas cities in future upgrades of the game.

Slim Thug says he has carried his PlayStation rivalries with his friends over to the mobile game.

“We’ve got constant bets of who can pull the most,” he says. “I’ve probably got $100, $150 bet with my homeboys of who can get the most girls in the game so it’s fun, man. I’ve been enjoying it.”

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Slim Thug has been making music for more than a decade. The mobile game plays music from various points of Slim Thug’s career, including his most recent album, Hogg Life: The Beginning.

“Technology since I started, has changed so much,” he says. “It went from tapes to CDs to the Internet came out and took over. I feel like it’ll never stop. I feel like it’s gonna keep growing and keep changing. Now it’s going to streams. After we conquered the iTunes thing, now it’s like, OK, now we’re gonna do streams.’ So it’s constantly changing, but this is how you stay in the game. Stay new, keep doing different things and keep growing with it. I ain’t complaining, I’m just going with it. I came and I’m just riding the waves of different things. It like they keep growing, technology changing, I’m gonna keep changing if I want, too. There’s some millionaires out there in the Silicon Valley getting them checks, so maybe I can try getting on something like that.”

The independent rapper has seen technology change the music industry and the way artists relate to fans. He continues to build relationships with his fans through the excitement surrounding the game and says people stop him in public to challenge him. Slim Thug holds contests on his social media accounts for the people with the highest scores. Past prizes have included T-shirts from his Boss Life clothing company.

He also has written a book and says that the key to an artist’s success is making one’s self well-rounded.

“A lot of people get stuck and that’s when they lose,” Slim Thug says. “But when you get to opening your mind and coming up with different ideas and different ways and different avenues to make up for things that might go down in one way, [you] pick up in other areas. You might make more money off of shirts than you make off of CDs, so it’s important that you diversify your bread.”

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“Roll Like a Boss” is available on the iTunes store.

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