Earlier this week, Los Angeles, California rapper Dom Kennedy appeared on Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning to speak on what’s keeping him from mainstream success, his decision to become a musician, and more.

According to Dom, who released his self-titled album weeks ago, lack of advertising and promotion have kept him from obtaining mainstream success in the time since he launched his music career nearly a decade ago. He revealed that the lack of advertising serves as a double-edged sword since he does have a dedicated fanbase.

“Advertising…But it’s also worked to my benefit too because of what you mentioned earlier about having fans that do know about your music. My percentages is high,” Dom Kennedy said.

Later in the interview, Dom offered a timeline of his music career, revealing the year he started his career, started making money, and more.

He also revealed that he chose to become a rapper because he “didn’t like no music that was out,” and also found that his city of Los Angeles wasn’t being represented musically.

“2006 is when I decided to go in this way with my life,” he said. “2008, I put out my first project. My first piece of music. 2010, I started making money. I was just a regular kid in L.A., man, honestly. I loved rap because I grew up in the times of—I’m a black kid in America. Wasn’t nothing special. Everybody could rap a little bit. So, at that time, if you would’ve came around and you said you was a rapper, I would’ve had something better than you. But that wouldn’t mean I was a rapper. I never considered myself a rapper…I started making music cause I didn’t like no music that was out. I didn’t hear no L.A. music. So, I put L.A. in the music industry.”

Dom Kennedy’s interview on Hot 97 can be found below.