Chris Brown has responded in court to a nightclub shooting lawsuit.

According to TMZ, the singer has filed a motion asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit against him filed by Paul Briley, who claimed he was shot a year ago at a concert in San Jose.

Briley’s case says that the singer incites violence and points to a shooting at 1 OAK where Brown was in attendance and Suge Knight was injured.

Brown says that the appearance at 1 Oak was not a concert, he was only hosting and the two incidents should not be compared. He is asking that the lawsuit be tossed out because security responsibilities fall on the venue, not him.

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Chris Brown’s team of publicists has responded to the lawsuit filed against the singer regarding a shooting at a California nightclub event, HipHopWired reports.

“It is a poor reflection of our society that violence is so prevalent and it is always a tragedy when someone is physically harmed,” the representatives say to the website. “However this is a completely frivolous lawsuit.”

The team is preparing an aggressive plan to prevent future litigation.

“”We expect that the case will be dismissed,” it continues, “and in future, to avoid these reoccurring meritless lawsuits directed at Chris Brown, we plan to seek damages from all parties and their lawyers.”

Chris Brown is being sued by a man who attended the singer’s Capricorn Bash in January. Five people, including the plaintiff, were harmed in a shooting that occurred during the event.

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Paul Briley is suing Chris Brown and a San Jose nightclub over injuries he sustained in a January shooting at an event hosted by the singer, CBS San Francisco reports.

Five people were injured when the shooting broke out. Briley says he incurred a permanent injury in his foot and is seeking damages for lost wages, medical expenses and “all past, present, and future physical, mental and emotional pain and suffering, including fright, shock, terror, and post-traumatic stress of being shot.”

The suit says that the venue should have employed better security because of past incidences of violence at Brown’s concerts. The documents also cite Brown’s violent behavior against his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

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