Shortly after news that five people were shot at a Chris Brown concert in San Jose early on Sunday morning (January 11), the singer responded discretely on Instagram to jokes about the incident. Footage of the performance on Sunday shows Brown on stage commenting on a fight in the crowd before gunshots ring out and he quickly exits.

Responding to an Instagram meme standing up for his fast departure from the scene, Brown said, “What idiot u know gonna stand there and get shot.”

“None of these bitchass niggas bout that life,” Brown wrote, according to the Music Times. “The most ignorant niggas ever! This ain’t no western. What idiot u know gonna stand there and get shot. Rewind clip to LA when I wasssss the dumb one standing up by myself in the club when people were panicking and ducking for cover. Bullets ain’t got no name especially when u got random niggas being niggas fighting in the club. Our society is fucked up in the head and needs leaders. I don’t wanna lead a bunch of ignorant motherfuckers. No individuality and having the mind state that positivity and respect is WACK! That’s some evil ass shit.”

Separately, TMZ cites an anonymous source claiming the singer “ordered his manager to immediately cancel upcoming shows at any nightclub he thinks is ‘too hood.'” The site also reports that Brown called a team meeting to reevaluate planned “bookings at venues with a history of violence or security issues.”

The San Jose Mercury News reports that police warned the owner of the club where the shooting took place “about the potential for violence” and “recommended increased security for the Saturday night show.”

Brown posted a since-deleted Instagram video the night after the shooting in which he filmed his surroundings and wrote, “No more nigga parties! Only this type shit!”

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