Jeezy recalls the evolution of his “Snowman” piece and logo in an interview with Complex that was published today (August 31).

“When I got that Snowman piece, I’ll never forget it,” Jeezy says. “I spent a lot of money for that piece and I remember trying to get it for a certain show or a certain party, but I just remember when I walked out with it on, the way people were just looking at it.”

When Jeezy‘s “Snowman” symbol suddenly became a fashion statement, it took the rapper by surprise.

“I was like, damn,” he says. “I never knew from just being with it that it would’ve turned into T-shirts and all these different things and people would sell it because this was just who I was. Whatever you was, you just put it on your chain. Then all these people was just making money off the T-shirts and I remember somebody going, ‘Why you ain’t selling the T-shirts?’ I was like, ‘You know what? That’s something to think about.’ At the time, I just wanted to be heard.”

Tha Snowman also recalls when he lost his mind upon learning of his Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 album leaking five months ahead of its release date in 2005.

“The Rap thing was cool,” the Atlanta rapper says. “But it was a real life thing now. I’m sitting around with me and my crew. I’m creating crews of people to run up [on] bootleggers. If it wasn’t for that album being leaked I don’t think anybody would have heard [‘Soul Survivor’] and I don’t think I would have known how big that song was.”

Elsewhere in the interview, ESPN College Basketball Analyst Jay Bilas recites his favorite Young Jeezy lyric from”Soul Survivor,” which became Jeezy’s breakout song.

“One of the lyrics that really grabbed me was, even though it doesn’t mean the same thing, I was able to associate it,” Jay Bilas says. “‘Just because we stack paper and we ball outrageous, them alphabet boys gotta us under surveillance.’ I kind of liken that to when ‘ball outrageous’ is sort of the money for basketball and you got the NCAA watching your every move. I know that’s not what he’s saying, but that kind of struck me.”

Jeezy Tha Snowman announced today that he is set to drop his new project November 13 and released his new TM88 and Southside-produced track, “God.”

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