With the release of Jay Rock’s 90059 album possibly on the horizon, the Watts, California lyricist spoke on the album’s delay during an interview with The Breakfast Club, earlier today (August 27).

According to Jay Rock, he still had to focus on “life outside of music” and knock out a few “trials and tribulations” in order to work on the album.

“I had a life outside of music too,” Jay Rock said. “I always had a thing—Just take care of family. And doing my own thing on the side. But at the same time I had to get all them problems out the way. Little trials and tribulations. But now I’m back…It was like the music I was doing, I feel like I could go harder than what I was doing before. And that’s what I been doing, just staying locked in and working on my craft. And that’s what it’s about. Getting better. It ain’t about going backwards. It’s about moving forward.”

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Jay Rock didn’t offer specifics on a release date for 90059, but did have this to say in regards to its release: “It’s coming. It’s in there. Everything is said and done. All you gotta do is get behind it and order it.”

Given the recent success of the N.W.A biopic, Straight Outta Compton, the film was also a topic of conversation during Rock’s interview. He spoke on the film and the group’s influence, and explained that they’re going through the same ordeals N.W.A went through decades ago.

“It’s a big influence,” he said. “Because like I said, we grew up off that in the projects. And they made a big statement and it’s like a re-run. We going through the same stuff they went through 20-25 years ago. We going through the same stuff. It’s like a repeat cycle. So, I definitely feel [it]. And congrats to those dudes. They been a big influence on my life and my boys’ lifes too. And made us want to do something better. Especially just talking about what we go through, through music.”