Master P signed Snoop Dogg to his No Limit Records in 1998 while Death Row Records, run by Suge Knight, was being investigated for violence. The New Orleans rapper says that he gave Snoop Dogg a better life and did not have issues with Knight.

“We don’t have repercussions over here,” he says to The Breakfast Club. “We just do what we do. I feel like I saved Snoop’s life. He went through some things. I feel like he was the best talent that I knew in the world. Snoop Dogg, I was always a fan of him, but when I talked to him, he wasn’t in a good place. Suge was about to sign him over to some other label. I’m like, ‘Man, my money don’t spend?’ Let me get that.”

Master P continues by saying that when he moved to Los Angeles, Knight reached out to him to try and assert his dominance in the area.

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“When I first got to LA, and I got a call from Suge probably everybody get that call,” he says, “I’m like, ‘Dog, you do better talking to me in person.’ He’s like, ‘Man, LA isn’t big enough for all of us.’ Puffy was out a bunch a people. I was like, ‘Man, I just bought a house. I ain’t going nowhere. When you moving?'”

He also gives further details about his forthcoming biopic Ice Cream Man: King of the South. He says the signing of Snoop Dogg will be depicted. The movie has a budget of $10 million and he is trying to get Tyler Perry to direct the film.