Fetty Wap’s self-titled debut album is available for streaming via NPR as part of its First Listen series.

The project from the New Jersey rapper-singer is slated to be released Friday (September 25).

The NPR stream has since been removed, but Fetty Wap is now available via Spotify.

The stream of Fetty Wap is as follows:

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Fetty Wap has released the deluxe tracklist for Fetty Wap.

The deluxe edition of the New Jersey rapper’s debut album is set to include three additional tracks to the 17 songs on the standard version. Two of the songs feature Monty from the Remy Boyz.

The album is slated for a September 25 release date.

The bonus tracks have been added to the tracklist below.

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The tracklist for Fetty Wap’s self-titled album is now available via 2 Dope Boyz.

The New Jersey rapper‘s debut project is slated to have 17 tracks and open with the single “Trap Queen.” His other singles “My Way,” “679” and “Again” are also set to be on the album.

Monty, one of the Remy Boyz, is featured on seven songs.

The Fetty Wap tracklist is below:

  1. Trap Queen
  2. How We Do Things f. Monty
  3. 679 f. Monty
  4. Jugg f. Monty
  5. Trap Luv
  6. I Wonder
  7. Again
  8. My Way f. Monty
  9. Time f. Monty
  10. Boomin’
  11. RGF Island
  12. D.A.M.
  13. No Days Off f. Monty
  14. I’m Straight
  15. Couple Bands
  16. Rock My Chain f. M80
  17. Rewind f. Monty
  18. Let It Bang (Deluxe)
  19. For My Team f. Monty (Deluxe)
  20. Whateva f. Monty (Deluxe)

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Fetty Wap announced today (August 26) that his debut album will be self-titled.

The rapper-singer released a promotional video for Fetty Wap that shows him performing for a crowd in Kansas City. He expresses his appreciation for the fans on stage and then signs autographs.

The cover art for Fetty Wap is an image of the New Jersey artist covering his good eye with his hand, showing his eye that he lost to congenital glaucoma.

Fetty Wap announced the September 25 release date for the 300 Entertainment release earlier this month.

There is no tracklist for the album yet. Fetty Wap is the first rapper to have his first four singles, “Trap Queen,” “My Way,” “6,7,9,” and “Again,” in the top 10 of the Billboard chart.

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