“Trap Queen” is currently one of the hottest songs in the club scene across the country.

The New Jersey rapper responsible for the trap tune, Fetty Wap, recently sat down with DJ Smallz to explain the origin of the track and how it became the huge hit that it is now.

“It came from the trap,” Fetty says with a grin. “I was dealing with a female at the time. She was helping me bring that money in. It all basically surrounded itself. That was my queen at the time.”

Fetty placed the song on Soundcloud first as part of his “Up Next” EP. Offline, Fetty explained that he initially sold the mixtape in his hometown of Patterson, NJ. and after a few months, it started to catch on.

“I knew the record was going to expand the way it did the third month after we dropped it we got 100,000 plays,” he recalls.  “The sixth month we hit a million, that’s when we knew that  it can’t be only Patterson. There ain’t a million people in Patterson listening. After that we was like ‘we gotta push this,’ we got on the net, we got on the phone and started going hard on the phones.”

Since, the NJ-rapper has signed a deal with 300 entertainment and the anthem has reached over four million viewers on Youtube.

“‘Trap Queen’ was an outbreak song,” Fetty admits. “I think we just clocked over four million plays on Youtube and nine million on Soundcloud. The record hit a million before I even signed the deal.”

Check out the full interview below: