New York radio station Hot 97 held their most recent “Who’s Next?” showcase at SOB’s in New York this past Tuesday (January 20).

The show, which was hosted by Hot 97′s DJ Drewski, was intended to showcase up-and-coming talent from New Jersey’s Hip Hop scene, however it was shut down by The New York City Police Department at around 10:00pm EST due to an overwhelming turnout, according to XXL.

While the police were trying to evacuate the building, Naughty By Nature’s Treach jumped onstage to voice his disapproval with the NYPD for shutting down the event, and for not allowing New Jersey to showcase their talent.

“Jersey get shutdown for all the fuckin’ time because we not from New York, yo? Ya’ll not gon’ do that shit to us. We can’t get the gangstas to go home,” Treach says. “We ain’t trying to start no shit because I’m about the muthafucking niggas to make peace. But guess what? Jersey be shutdown forever. The only night that we have to do shit you wanna throw us out?”

Treach’s partner Vin Rock was also at the venue, although they did not appear together.

During the night, Vin spoke to guests about the significance of an event like Hot 97’s New Jersey-themed “Who’s Next?” showcase.

“Next time, we need to move this event to Webstar Hall,” he said.