Red Bull BC One held it’s breaking competition North American Finals over the weekend as HipHopDX traveled to Orlando to cover one of the biggest events in B-boying/B-girling culture remaining.

DX Senior Features Writer Ural Garrett spoke with numerous people supporting the event including RoxRite, a legend in the Hip Hop element and judge for the event. He described what he believes makes a real breaker.

“A real B-boy is someone who understands the culture, the history, the foundation of the dance and also knows that it’s about style and being yourself,”RoxRite said via a segment of today’s (August 26) DX Daily. “You could do everybody else’s moves but if you can’t be yourself you’re not really representing what a real B-boy is.”

A Tribe Called Quest member Phife Dawg headlined the event as an emcee and was encouraged by the turnout and what the event represents.

“I always say life is a cycle and it’s going to get back to what it was or how we were as Hip Hop artists, whether it be as the B-boys, DJs or emcees, the graffiti artists, the whole [nine yards],” he said. “It’s going to get back. I’m happy that events like this are taking place and I hope it gets bigger than it used to be or what it is right now.”

Sway Calloway, who hosted the event, says breaking still remains the most true to itself in regards to Hip Hop culture.

“To me, B-boy culture is still the purest element in Hip Hop culture, by far,” he said when asked about the competition. “Nobody’s selling out doing stupid shit just for the price of fame.” Sway also expressed disappointment that few other outlets aside from HipHopDX decided to show up to the event and cover it.

Watch the full DX Daily segment below: