Although Alabama-born rapper Gucci Mane is currently serving time in prison, the marketing team for the musician is continuing to make his presence known. reports that the latest marketing move comes in the form of a new, LinkedIn account.

On his LinkedIn profile, which can be viewed here, Gucci is listed as an entertainer, actor, and CEO at 1017 Bricksquad Records.



The “Summary” for Gucci’s LinkedIn profile makes reference to an upcoming film he executive produced, which will be released this October. He also called for fans to provide their ideas on how to promote the film, requesting “the most daring” ideas.

“This my tenth year in the industry and I am proud to be able to share my first movie ever that I executive produced and starred in on October 17th 2015,” the “Summary” section reads. “This is a great way to commemorate my ten year anniversary and I want my fans to experience this with me and help me think of the most daring and expansive way possible to bring this film to the world. I want cutting edge ideas nothing is too risky, I love the unorthodox. Burrr.”

Titled The Spot Movie, the film stars both Gucci Mane and Rocko. A trailer for The Spot Movie can be found below.