Christine Chisholm, the woman suing Atlanta, Georgia rapper 2 Chainz for $5 million over his “Thot” video, plans on representing herself in court. Chisholm shared the news while speaking exclusively with Charlotte, North Carolina news station WBTV.

The woman, who previously revealed that 2 Chainz associate Cap 1 invited her backstage, recalled being in “shock” upon finding out about the release of the video.

“Crazy,” Chisholm said when asked what her life’s been like following the release of the video. “I can’t go out in public…Before the video had even started I was in the back room and we were just eating chicken wings. Actually, until the end, I really didn’t even know if they were recording. And I didn’t know that he was gonna post it on the blogs. I was just in shock.”

Although Chisholm has chosen not to receive the assistance of any lawyers, she sees no reason why she should not win her case.

“I feel like if I’m just honest with everything that really happened then there’s no reason why I wouldn’t win,” she said. “If I could see 2 Chainz, I would just be like, ‘Where’s my money?’”

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