Boogie signed to Interscope Records, Complex reported yesterday (August 13).

The California rapper‘s song, “Oh My” was released to iTunes as his first project on the label. It has peaked at #15 on the Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists Chart after the track’s original appearance on The Reach mixtape, which was released in June.

Boogie tells HotNewHipHop that he signed the deal a couple weeks ago. He says he had been in talks with the label after he released “Bitter Raps” on his debut mixtape, Thirst 48, last year before the possibility of a contract became serious.

“They were the very first label to believe in me early, so it was just a building process from jump,” he says. “We knew we weren’t ready to make a decision at the time. After Thirst 48, slowly but surely other labels came. It was a lot of great opportunities. After we dropped ‘Oh My’ conversations got a little deeper. I was still super comfortable with Interscope just cause I felt they believed from jump and understood what I was tryna do.”

Interscope has fellow Compton artists Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre on its roster.

“I’d be lying if I say the fact that Kendrick was there didn’t help it, Dr. Dre, a lot of people I look up to over there,” Boogie says.