Now that Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly album has been out for almost four months, the Compton, California lyricist revisited the initial reactions to the project, during an interview with Peter Rosenberg.

He says there was a feeling of shock upon hearing the album with his team. Kendrick then spoke on not being too concerned with the fact that To Pimp A Butterfly is a project that needs to be digested by the listener.

“Before any record come out it gotta go through me and it gotta go through my team first,” Kendrick said. “And we all listening like ‘What the fuck is this?’…I felt the same way, but I knew it was one of them things that I didn’t really mind it taking time to digest for the [listener]. After we put it all together—For me, listening back it was a whole ‘nother experience.”

Kendrick later spoke on his current favorite from To Pimp A Butterfly, which is the Bilal, Anna Wise, and Thundercat-assisted “These Walls.” According to the rapper, it was a record he wanted to make for a while, but didn’t know how.

“It’s a record that I always wanted to make, but never knew how to make,” he said. “Like, seriously. I wasn’t in a place to do it. It’s records I always loved—Let’s take ‘i’ for instance. I would have never made that record 10 years ago or even two years ago. So, it’s the same thing with ‘These Walls.’ I love this record. I always love records like ‘These Walls’…But I didn’t know how to make it or better yet, I didn’t know if I was ready to make it. And this is a record I always played constantly, back-to-back.”

Lastly, Kendrick was asked if he plans on performing other songs from his album since he’s only performed about three songs from To Pimp A Butterfly at his various concerts and appearances.

“I just want to have it right for the fans and for the people that really appreciate it, appreciate this album,” the rapper said. “The response is overwhelming. So, I gotta take that same energy I put in the studio and make sure it’s on stage the right way. And it’s just me being appreciative of it. Making this album and having these kids actually understand it and live by it and love it, that’s a trip for me. It’s not your modern day music. So, for them to come with me and journey in my world and accept it, that’s a challenge not only for myself, but for them as well. And I appreciate them for doing that.”

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