Nicki Minaj tweeted highly of Birdman yesterday (July 29).

The praise comes following the exclusive interview Angie Martinez had with the Cash Money Records CEO on Monday (July 27) to which he spoke of Nicki in high esteem.

“The feeling is mutual,” Nicki tweets to a fan in regards to learning of Baby’s compliments of her. “He’s one of my best teachers and most genuine friends. I’m glad he spoke his peace.”

Birdman addressed rumors that Nicki Minaj and Drake were unhappy with Cash Money and maintains that they aren’t going anywhere.

“I talk to Nicki a lot,” Birdman says. “Me and Nicki like brother-sister type relationship. I just like the fact that she’s just quiet about it. She wants to be better than what she is. That’s what I like about her. She a pure, real, hustler.”

“What Nicki Minaj is doing, we’ve never seen this before ever in life. She’s one of the most talented people we have, that’s a female, on this planet,” he says.

Nicki Minaj also spoke highly of Angie Martinez for the way she handled the interview.

“She’s the Hip Hop Oprah for real,” she says.

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