In the midst of the allegations made by Meek Mill that Drake doesn’t write his own lyrics, Chicago rapper Machie Rei is claiming that Meek Mill stole “I Got the Juice” from him.

On a video posted to Facebook, Rei describes how he first discovered the stark similarities between his track and that off Meek Mill’s sophomore album.

“I went and got me that Dreams Worth More Than Money,” Rei says. “I was listening to that shit. I seen the tracklist. He had a song on there, Meek Mill, you feel me, he had a song on there called ‘I Got the Juice.’ I’m finna play that song and I’m finna play my song ‘I Got the Juice’ that I dropped a while ago.”

Rei then plays the hook to his song and that to Meek Mill’s song. Both hooks repeatedly rap “I Got the Juice” in the same flow.

“Make this nigga answer for that shit,” Rei says. “That’s some fuckshit nigga. I don’t fuck, you’re a superstar, nigga. What the fuck? Why you gotta take other people? That don’t make no sense, nigga. No matter how I rationalize that shit, that makes no fuckin sense.”

“I don’t even understand, nigga. ‘Cause they got the same flow pattern, nigga? That shit don’t mean shit, motherfucker. This nigga got my lyrics. This nigga got a remake of my beat, nigga. Fuck like, naw, nigga. Naw, y’all not gonna play me like that.”

To watch the video, visit Facebook.

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