Little Brother’s upcoming album The Minstrel Show was supposed to stir up some kind of controversy but who knew it would be to this degree. While the album has been gushed over critically, it hasn’t garnered a classic rating that many expected. In fact, over at The Source, the editor resigned after being forced to change the rating of the album.

The album was reportedly supposed to receive a 4 ½ mic rating out of 5 in the October issue of the magazine when Benzino and Dave Mays had other ideas. The duo disagreed with the albums rating and in turn wanted it to be brought down to a 4 out of 5. They then brought it to the attention of Editor-In-Chief Joshua “Fahiym” Ratcliffe who felt very strongly about he and his staff’s decision to give the album a 4 ½ rating. Upon the challenging of Fahiym’s integrity, the editor decided to leave the magazine in lieu of Mays and Benzino’s adamant decision.

As of press time, the album is still said to receive a 4. This marks the second editor in less than a year that has parted ways with the magazine. Kim Osario left under different terms less than 6 months ago after filing a sexual harassment suit against the magazines co-owners.