According to Philly lyricist Meek Mill, between the ages of 16 and 17-years-old, there was a point when he felt escaping the streets wasn’t an option. During a recent interview on Sway’s Universe, the rapper revealed that the president himself couldn’t have broken his mindset at the time.

Meek then explained that he’s never been one to tell someone what to do with their life given that there’s people out there who are “in the middle of real situations.”

“It was a point you could have had Obama talk to me and be like ‘Yo, you could be whatever you wanna be,’” Meek Mill said. “And I’d be ‘Fuck outta ya mind.’ Cause I see people get they head blew off and go to jail for life every day. So, I ain’t believe none of that. I still understand kids like that when I be going to group homes and cities where it’s going down at…You can say whatever you want, but it’s some people out there in the middle of real situations. It’s people out there where people trying to kill ‘em every night. They ain’t got no choice, but to become like a lion or a wolf because they trying to stay alive.”

Meek Mill also spoke on the lack of celebrities with charisma these days, as well as albums not selling anymore because of the artists being pushed to fans.

“They be saying albums and stuff don’t sell no more,” he said. “I be like ‘No, people just ain’t buying into the people that y’all putting up there. And trying to make seem like they’re exclusive.’ Usually, stars used to be exclusive. They used to have charisma. They used to be like—You couldn’t find too many people like them. Nowadays, I don’t know what they doing. When I see other celebrities—Some of them, I look at ‘em like ‘Why is he a star?’”

At one point in the interview, Meek was asked if he offered any advice to girlfriend Nicki Minaj during her breakup with Safaree Samuels.

“Do what’s best for you really. I’m not no hater,” the rapper said. “Do what’s best for you. Whatever you feel in your heart. Cause I don’t want to be in the middle of something and that ain’t how you really feel. I’m the type of dude I always have my own money coming in. I been making my own money. I ain’t never really have plans of Nicki Minaj being in my future and helping me be successful. I already thought I was gonna be successful. So, I be wanting to be a part of something that’s genuine and 100 percent. So, make sure you know what you’re doing. Make sure you fully want to do this. And I’m here. I’m with it.”

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