Meek Mill says that working with girlfriend Nicki Minaj isn’t always smooth.

“We always argue about music and what type of moves we are trying to make,” Meek Mill says in an interview with H0t 97 that was posted yesterday (July 1). “’All Eyes On You,’ she put that whole thing together…she did it and it worked.”

Meek Mill says despite his upcoming tour with Minaj, the pair rarely rap in the studio together.

“We don’t really do much rapping,” Meek Mill says. “She do that on her own. I do that on my own. I don’t really like that, you know, having your girlfriend in the studio and all. Sometimes I get reckless and I go into my own zone.”

Meek Mill says he is not a fan of all the media spotlight on his relationship.

“I never been out with my relationships,” Meek Mill says in the interview. “I ain’t really into the media stuff and all that, but that’s what comes with it because we celebrities. I don’t get that with that type of stuff. I come from the trap. There ain’t no media there.”

He says he does not like the media trying to predict his moves.

“Let me do how I do, how I want to do it,” Meek Mill says. “Nobody be calling out my moves like that. I just do whatever I want.”

Meek Mill Says He Talks With Bobby Shmurda

Meek Mill says he has also been in contact with Bobby Shmurda since the GS9 rapper’s incarceration.

“I just been talking to Bobby, giving him words of encouragement,” Meek Mill says. “The press really made them into next-level monsters, but they were just kids in the hood doing their thing.”

Meek Mill also commented on his Maybach Music boss Rick Ross’s recent arrest on kidnapping charges.

“I don’t really know about the charges, but you gotta fight them,” Meek Mill says. “All [Rick Ross] worried about is how the album doing. He gonna be alright.”

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