TDE lyricists Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q offered their thoughts on this month’s shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, during an interview with Hot 97, which took place during BET Awards weekend.

Kendrick shared his belief that there’s an energy trying to spark a race war, while ScHoolboy Q criticized the media’s excessive coverage of the shooting.

“It’s just one of them things where I feel like personally it’s an energy that’s trying to spark an evil, a race war,” Kendrick Lamar said. “For me, personally. Because these events is just happening back-to-back. And it’s demonized events now. It’s starting to get a little deeper than just hatred. It’s a little deeper than that.”

“I think the media, also. They love putting a lot of attention on it,” ScHoolboy Q added. “I’ve never seen this much attention…It’s like the media loves this. And we just giving ‘em more power by always talking about it…We know what’s going on. And I just think the media need to stop pushing it in our faces all the time. It makes hate. How can you sit there with your little daughter, watching TV and they talking about a white dude that killed nine black people in the church? That makes me hate a little bit.”

Jay Rock and Ab-Soul were also present during the interview. Both artists offered a brief update on the status of their own projects. According to Soulo, he’s “always working on something,” but wants to “make it all make sense for me before I release it to the world.”

After speaking on the convenience of getting a verse from one of his fellow TDE artists, Jay Rock revealed that he’s got a project coming within the next month.

“Of course, it’s easy to get a verse,” Jay Rock said. “But, you know, everybody working though at the same time. So…he [Kendrick] might be in Paris or Africa or something. Or Q might be somewhere. Everybody moving. I might be doing my thing too. So, it’s busy times right now. We all working. I got the project coming within the next month or so. We’ll announce the date soon.”

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