According to Minneapolis, Minnesota news station Fox 9, fans of Lil Wayne were stood up this week after the rapper’s entourage refused to go through security.

Lil Wayne was to perform at The Venue in Minneapolis on June 21, but was unable to since members of his entourage refused to be searched by staff at The Venue.

“I’d say for about a good hour everybody was like ‘Okay, we’re cool. We’re waiting,’” one fan said while speaking to Fox 9. “And then the worry starts going around…I’d say at least four times where they got the crowd in the uproar that ‘He’s coming. He’s in the building. Cash Money’s coming to the stage.’ Nothing happened.”

On their Facebook page, The Venue issued a statement detailing what exactly occurred, and revealed that they’re “in the process of issuing refunds to those patrons that purchased on-line tickets for Lil Wayne.”

“On June 21, 2015, Lil Wayne was scheduled to perform at The Venue, a premier music and entertainment venue located on First Avenue in the heart of the Minneapolis entertainment district,” part of the statement read. “Unfortunately, Lil Wayne elected not to perform after members of his entourage refused to take part in The Venue’s standard safety procedures. In order to ensure the safety of the artists that perform on its stage, its patrons, and its staff members, The Venue has in place many long-standing standard safety procedures. One of these safety procedures is to conduct an exterior pat-down and metal detection on each person entering The Venue, and to confirm each party’s age and identity by requesting and reviewing a state-issued ID card.”

Lil Wayne has yet to speak publicly on being a no-show at the concert, which was part of his “Sorry For The Wait 2” tour.

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