In a recent interview with Mass Appeal, Lil Durk speaks on the meaning behind the title of his debut album, Remember My Name.

“How we came up with the name, was like my daddy a legend in these streets,” the Chicago rapper says, “and I want to be a legend inside this music and I want everybody to remember my name.”

Lil Durk also commends Chance The Rapper’s recent efforts to promote non-violence in their hometown of Chicago.

“When somebody gotta voice in Chicago and a big following anything they do is going to grab somebody’s attention,” Lil Durk says. “No matter who it is. Even if he ain’t grab everybody’s attention, he grabbed some attention so he accomplished what he was trying to do.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Durk addressed questions about the recent passing of Queens, New York rapper Chinx.

“It’s just scary,” he says. “At the same time you could be gone, I could be with you and be gone tomorrow…I just gotta learn off they mistakes and as well as mines…So what happened with Chinx  all the way in New York, I’m like, ‘Yeah. It’s real.’ It could happen anywhere, so what I’m saying is it really affected me. But I gotta keep my head up and keep going.”

Lil Durk’s Remember My Name is available via iTunes.

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