T.I. is helping his Grand Hustle artist Travi$ Scott prepare for the release of his debut album, Rodeo.

“It’s probably going to be one of the most talked about projects and probably one of the most highly revered solo albums probably since Kendrick [Lamar],” T.I. says to Billboard. “Not in the same vein as Kendrick, but just in a whole other badass, rebellious, ‘Fuck you,’ grown-people-kind-of-way. He just allowed me the opportunity to listen to it and I was blown away. And I think everybody else will be all the same.”

Along with talk about his acting career, T.I. tells the publication that his next album is complete, but there is no release date because of the rapper’s busy schedule.

“I have an album right now ready to go, but I don’t have any actual time to invest in the marketing, promotions and all of the work that goes into releasing it,” he says. “I’m about to start a film with Jamie Foxx in Atlanta in the next couple weeks, and that should take me somewhere into August. And I believe then I’m about to start another film that I can’t necessarily mention right now, but that film should take me into like September or October. So it’s hard for me. I could just drop it right now and not necessarily put any work into the release, but I don’t think that would really serve the true purpose of the release.”

This project would be T.I.’s tenth studio album.