There’s a chance that Max B could be released from prison when he’s over the age of 100. That isn’t stopping him though from planning on what’s he’s releasing when he finally gets out.

Last week, the Harlem rapper spit a freestyle from the New Jersey state prison he’s staying at and even more recently he spoke with Revolt TV again about his plans for music once he gets out. Max B says he wants to continue his Dopeman: Public Domain saga and compared it to the successful Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

“I got a nice little catalogue lined up,” he said when asked about his plans post incarceration. “We going to do some nice things when I hit the town I want to finish the double album, the [Dopeman: Public Domain] saga. That thing is like the Lord Of The Rings… It’s a thing of beauty.”

Max B also spoke about the struggles of not knowing how most people react to his music, as he is cordoned off from social media and media in general while behind bars.

“I only know what people tell me or what family members or fans write me,” he explained. “I don’t really see it or hear the songs on radio so I don’t really know the impact my music has until I get back out there.”

In 2009, the rapper born Charly Wingate was convicted on murder conspiracy and robbery charges and received a 75-year sentence for his actions. In 2012, Max B’s appeal was denied and will remain in prison until at least 2042. He released his last album, Vigilante Season in 2011.

Watch the full Revolt segment below: