Alchemist has etched his name out as one of the best producers in Hip Hop consistently over the past two decades. He’s also been known to be able to spit a little bit himself.

Recently sitting down with Vlad TV, Al talked about battle rap as he has been known to be a fan of the lyrical sport. He was also asked about the possibility of Eminem participating in a battle and says no one could contend with him in that realm.

“I couldn’t think of anyone on the Earth that I would put in front of Eminem that could out rap him. I’ll say that much,” he said when asked about Eminem and Slaughterhouse’s chances against opponents in the current battle rap scene. “You can’t put Em in anything. He’s above all that. You don’t even ask that. I don’t know man.”

The producer, who has made numerous classic records with the likes of Mobb Deep, Action Bronson and others, was also asked whether battle rappers also have the ability to make hit records.

“You never know what’s in anyone’s cards,” he replied. “Just because you battle rap doesn’t mean you can’t make a hit record or make classic albums.”

Alchemist also noted who he would like to see battle the most if he were to set up a show. Al says a Mr. Cheeks battle against Smack Battle favorite Un Kasa would be his top choice.

Watch the full interview segment below: