The year 2015 will mark three years since the Hip Hop supergroup known as Slaughterhouse released their last studio album, Welcome to: Our House. While speaking with Vlad TV in a newly-released interview, Slaughterhouse lyricist Crooked I confirmed that this is the year fans will be met with another studio album from the group.

In regards to the delay surrounding the project, the Los Angeles, California rapper revealed that when a group consists of four individual artists, scheduling becomes a problem. Crooked I added that the group’s manager, Paul Rosenberg is fully on board with the release of the project, but first wants “to make sure that things are the right way.”

“I’mma just keep it real, Paul Rosenberg he just said ‘You know what, we’re not putting out Slaughterhouse,’” Crooked I said. “So I was like ‘Damn, dog. So, now what are we gonna do?’ He said ‘We just gonna put out Slaughterhouse.’ I said ‘What?’ No, he’s a hundred percent behind what we do. You know what I’m saying? He’s just trying to make sure that things are the right way. And then as far as us, our schedule started getting crazy. Our schedule started getting crazy. Joe dropped Some Love Lost. Joell did House Slippers. Royce got PRhyme coming right now. You know what I mean? I got a new mixtape called Sex Money And Hip Hop coming…It’s a scheduling thing. Slaughterhouse will come out and we are gonna record fresh music.”

Before confirming that a new Slaughterhouse album “is definitely, absolutely coming out in 2015,” Crooked I briefly spoke on what the group would be like if he was “the dictator of Slaughterhouse.” According to the rapper, the group would be similar to that of a “brand new N.W.A.”

“Individually, we put out projects,” he said. “And my whole thing is if I ran Slaughterhouse, if I was the dictator of Slaughterhouse, Slaughterhouse would absolutely have albums out right now…Just fuckin’ go crazy. Brand new N.W.A. That would just be me, but I’m only one voice. And then I have to sit at a table and say ‘Okay, well what do you guys think?’ And then they say ‘Yo, I think we should do this.’ And then this guy says this. And then we try to find out how to put everything together. Because we all respect each other enormously. So, we just figure out how to blend all the things that we want to do in one project together…But the Slaughterhouse album is definitely, absolutely coming out in 2015.”

Crooked I’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below.

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